Anglo-Saxons Today

Welcome to my site

I have created this website for those people who think that their cultural identity as an English person or as the English people are under threat. Many will say, "So what is an Englishman/woman, who are the English?" To answer that we have to go back to our roots as a nation. Where did we come from as a people? What should we do today to formalize what our identity as a people is? I hope to answer those questions in this website, and if you agree, perhaps you can follow what I am trying to do. Reunite the English people in their own land, despite their submergence under the "British" label.

Those who wish to follow the old religion can do so I have no wish to  stop them. But in terms of language, ornamentation, jewelry, timekeeping, clothing etc., I intend this website to be a directory of all thing Anglo-Saxon that can be created, purchased and used on a day to day basis in the modern England. More will be explained in each section, and you should get the idea as you read on.

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God nemne Englaland

God save England

God nemne se Englisc leodscipe

God Save the English People

God nemne seo Cyninge

God save the Queen.

This website shall always be subject to change.

Before you go any further.

What I am promoting in this website is for those who wish to move their lives in a different direction, er, slightly. It's free, totally voluntary, no one need feel they're losing out because they are not following this route, or joining in. 

This is not a protest movement, political party, pressure group or anything like that.

There is nothing in this website designed to, or intended to, undermine or remove the British establishment in any way. There is nothing in this website to undermine or interfere with local government.

I do not condone the use of violence of any kind, except as an absolute last resort for self defense or defense of others.

This website is for the English people, regardless of their ethnic origins, who believe themselves to be English.

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