Anglo-Saxons Today

About Me

 Hi, my Name is Mark Higginson and I created this website for the reasons stated in the Home Page. I started to get interested in things Anglo-Saxon over the last year or so, largely because the way in which the people of England are treated today. We can't say we'er English because we are called homophobes or little Englanders. We can't fly the English Flag with out being accused of racism or we might offend someone. And this is by English men and women who are so afraid of their own shadows when it comes to human relations. 

Stuff em I say.

I am English, and I am proud of that fact. I am also proud of my English heritage as well. The original English, the Anglo-Saxons, are as good a people to emulate today as any other. There is much that we modern English can learn from our ancestors, but we must be careful here. Many modern English people may laugh at or deride attempts to bring new life to Anglo-Saxon ways. I hope to show in this website the things that can be done by those who like the ideas of, or representing a, modern way of Anglo-Saxon living. They were the original English people, and we are as much Anglo-Saxon today as then, despite the invasion of the Normans and the things that have happened since.

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