Anglo-Saxons Today


When people talk about Anglo-Saxons and how they are dressed, they are usually referring to the way we used to dress in 5th to 11th centuries. Which is all very well and good for a history lesson, but try and dress like that today for day to day wear and your likely to get laughed out of town for being hippies or something.

I don't want us to think in terms of old fashioned clothes like that. What I would say to you is, think in terms of modern clothes, but more functional than aesthetic, with the patterns and imagery of Anglo-Saxons. Clothes that can be worn today without necessarily looking out of place, if you get what I mean. However, the patterns and imagery should not be a flavor of, or a passing likeness of Anglo-Saxon styling, but genuine artistry and styling that is a development of the original works rather than just copies.

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