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 Modern Anglo-Saxon Living.

No one knows exactly how the Anglo-Saxons lived on a day by day basis, except from various tales, poems and works like that of the Venerable Bede. And apart from religious observances either of the original gods or of christianity, I'm not so sure that it is pertinent to the present, except for historical reference. Who's to say that things today would be very much different had we not been invaded by the Normans? I will leave that question to those who want to try to answer that problem. The question that I am trying to solve here is this. How can people, (who want to,) live in the modern world, while trying to live as modern day Anglo-Saxons?

Religious Observances.

With the original gods of the Anglo-Saxons, we are talking Wotan here, and various gods that required having sacrifices being made in order to celebrate or pacify the gods, I'm not so sure that people today are going to go for sacrificing animals if not people, but I'm sure that there would be alternative things to celebrate such events with. As for Anglo-Saxon Christians, I can't see that much needs to be changed except in the way of community. Christianity has often been seen as a way of bringing the community together. Although these days people seem to want to stay at home rather than go to church. Well, if people who around the country, want to come together as Anglo-Saxon revivalists, attending church together could not only help to bring together those who would want to live as modern Anglo-Saxons, but this action in itself could help to bring a sense of community back to the people in general. Maybe that's not such a bad thing. Although I am not a religious person. 

For those interested in the old Anglo-Saxon Gods, or who even might want to observe the old religious customs and festivals, then these websites might be of help, there maybe more to look for.

Day to day living.

There's nothing to suggest, that if you are interested in living like a modern Anglo-Saxon, that you would have to make any insurmountable changes to your life. As I will show you in the other pages of this website, there are only four major changes to make, the rest are cosmetic. The first is Language. To become a true Modern Anglo-Saxon, you need to learn to read, write and speak fluently in Anglo-Saxon English. The second is timekeeping. You will need to learn the months of the year and the days of the week as the Anglo-Saxons did. You will also need to learn how the day is divided in terms of hours of the day. Thirdly,  Measurements. Anglo-Saxons measured things in a particular way, and as you will see, they are not far from how we measure things today. Fourthly, get used to these changes and apply them to your daily routine. Not as easy as you might think, especially if you have a family.

If you want to go ahead with this and take up the mantle of Anglo-Saxon revival, don't be afraid for you are doing nothing wrong. You have nothing to be ashamed of. You are bringing to life your history, and your heritage of who we are as a people. In the web page "Community Development," I hope to provide information that is helpful at bringing like-minded people together, or suggest ways in which we might be able to bring our communities together. In the web page "A way of life," I will try to suggest the way we should be living as Anglo-Saxons in the modern world based on what I've read and shown in previous web pages. This is a subject that will be open to variance as time goes on, depending on what the majority of Modern Anglo-Saxon English want, but if we change these things to much, we run the risk of destroying what we are trying to achieve.

How should we, who wish to bring about the revival of Anglo-Saxon English conduct ourselves? I can only give you my thoughts on this, the rest is up to you.

We should conduct ourselves in a friendly, open manner. Always conduct ourselves with dignity but not haughtily. We should never think we are better than others. We should never resort to violence except as an absolute last option in self-defence or the defence of others. We should always accept people who are genuinely interested in our cause, regardless of ethnic origin. This last point might surprise some. But we must never forget that the creation of the first English was through emigration.

We must always be ready to defend our queen and country.

Oh, last of all, don't worry, be happy.

An Anglo-Saxon Badge.

I have created this rather simple Anglo Saxon Badge design, using runes, with a typical Anglo-Saxon style border. I intend to use it as part of a proposal for a new English flag. However, if you feel it is a good enough design to represent the Modern Anglo-Saxon English as indicated in this website, then feel free to use it, (for personal - non commercial use), as an item of jewellery, or badge, but only in relation to what I am trying to achieve on this website.

                         (C) Mark Higginson 2010

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