Anglo-Saxons Today


In the modern day, we surround ourselves with all sorts of junk. What is a precious to one person is just so much bin fodder to someone else, even in the same household. Yet when living in our homes, we have a tendency to have things around us that please us, wether family memorabilia, or hobby stuff or general objet d'art. We go to car boot sales as well as regular shops to get this stuff.

What is needed for items in this web page and the others later on, are people who are creators of fine objects in their own right, but who are also well versed in the Anglo-Saxon arts of jewelry making and ornamentation. But here's the point, what is needed is new innovation in the style of the original Anglo-Saxon artistry. Anyone can faithfully reproduce what went before, and that's good as a starting point. Let's have some people making new, 21st Century Anglo-Saxon stuff to put in our homes today. they don't have to be ornate, or have intricate carvings, but they'll do as well.

If you are an artisan specializing in wood, or pottery based carvings for walls, mantle pieces or coffee table display, in the style of the Anglo-Saxons, let me know through my contacts web page, better still send me the website of your shop or factory and I'll gladly include it on this web page below.

Websites selling and/or making Anglo-Saxon ornamentation.

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