Anglo-Saxons Today


The worst thing about furniture is that it tends to make rooms look smaller. You know what I mean, you go into a new house or flat and it looks roomy. Then you bring in the furniture and you think to yourself, "where's the space gone?" The thing about furniture is that it's largely big pieces, (beds, kitchen tables, Welsh cabinets, three piece suites, etc.) The smaller pieces go down in sizes, (chests, book cases, coffee tables, side tables.) I am well aware of the work that goes into hand made objects, especially woodwork that I so spectacularly failed at, at school. So come on, lets see someone make modern furniture with some Anglo-Saxon styling and feel to it. It can't be any more difficult than wood based furniture today. 

For starters, there is what's known as rustic furniture, furniture that is made out of wood, but looks like someone forgot the sander. It could be argued that this was close to EASE furniture, yet that does not jell with examples of furniture that I've seen, at least for the kings and the like. However, such furniture would be close to that of ordinary EASE people. The thing is, what ever is made should not be any more expensive or economical than in the latest Argos, Wikes or Focus furniture, so let's see it happen.

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