Anglo-Saxons Today


Well, I've generally set my stall out in this website, but I can still hear some of you saying, "Yes, but, what does it all mean?"

I am trying to bring about a way that the modern English person, and the English people in general can reassert their cultural identity within their own land. An identity and history that the English people can rightly be proud of. Forget protest groups and political bartering. The English people, the Modern Anglo-Saxon English people, have a right to be who they are without intimidation or threats of violence against them. We have a right to be recognized as a distinct people, a distinct culture within our own land. Here is one unalterable fact. We are the majority population of the British Isles, and that is excluding all the non-English, ethnic minorities in Britain today (Including the Scottish and the Welsh and the northern Irish put together).

So, who are the Modern Anglo-Saxon English People?

Anyone who is born within the borders of England regardless of ethnic origin, or born of English parents abroad and stayed there temporarily before coming home.

They will have been brought up in England and live by the laws, customs and traditions of England, and speak, read and write, Anglo-Saxon English or the Modern Queens English fluently, regardless of dialect.

They must eat, sleep and breath being English. Do things the English way, live the English way.

This is essentially who the English people are.

This definition that I have given above can actually apply to the people of any country. But what about those who wish to become permanent members of the English community from elsewhere?

These would be termed 'Naturalized.' Whereby they pledge to live by the laws customs and traditions of England, learn to read, write and speak English, and pledge allegiance to England and the English People, and essentially become English.

What about people who don't want to do that?

Well, they're just not English.

So how do we become Modern Anglo-Saxon English?

Funnily enough, we don't need to do much. Why? Because we are already Anglo-Saxon English. OK, so we had a little trouble with the Normans for a few hundred years, but that was just an interlude really.

What we need to do to complete the revival is as follows;

We re-learn the Anglo-Saxon Language with additions to cope with the modern world.

We maintain our faiths, whatever they may be (Christian, Heathan, atheist).

We re-learn the way they used to tell the time and the seasons.

We ditch metrication and return to using imperial measurements as standard. OK, so we keep a conversion chart in the kitchen drawer somewhere to keep in with the metrication crowd.

We keep Sterling and reject any attempts to go with the Euro, or join the Union, which amounts to the same thing really.

Revive the artistic styles of our Anglo-Saxon ancestors in everything we do in terms of clothing, architecture, furniture, jewellery, etc.

Just keep on being English.


Because this is who we are.

This is the essence of our existence as a people, as a culture.

We are the living embodiment of the Anglo-Saxons today. We are the;

Modern Anglo-Saxon English.

Let me know what you think.

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