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Tiwesdaeg, 21st Haligmonath 2010.

All web pages not past initial completion stage. The website is now in continuous adjustment Stage.

Monendaeg, 30th Weodmonath 2010.

This website is nearing complete of initial set and distribution to other groups.

The English Heathanism website has been disabled. Don't know why. It's been like that for a while now.

Frigedaeg, 24th (AErra) Geola 2010.

Cannot access the English Claim of Right website, indicated as not recognized. Shall check other sites on my list.

Created a new Anglo-Saxon badge.

Added proposal for a new England flag.

Tiwesdaeg, 26th (AEfterra) Litha 2011.

Sorry for a delay in more news. Have created a new coat of arms for England, which is on this website and the English Constitution website as well, see: .

Follow me on Twitter :  @AlionofE.

Have also created a website for the Declaration of Independence for England in the last few months. See: .

Frigedaeg, 29th  (AEfterra) Litha 2011.

Read this week that that an Indian woman resident, in Leicester, wanted her husband to come and live in England after 37 years of marriage. She is reportedly to have been visiting her husband over the last 15 years and now wants him to join her here. She is however, going to court to challenge the new Immigration Rules, requiring her husband to be able to speak, read, write and understand English, before being allowed in to England. She claims it's against her Human Rights and is discriminatory.

My view is this.

This need of wanting her husband to come to England to live with her is understandable. However, this must have been on their minds for some considerable time. Knowing he wants to come to England, why hasn't he taken steps to learn to read, write, speak and understand English anyway?

Not having done so, is a clear indication that neither of them think it is important to learn English. All this will do is to isolate the man when he gets here, forcing him to be wholly immersed into the Indian community here, but having no chance of integrating in to the wider English community.

Rather than the restriction of having to learn English being discriminating against him, his refusal to learn English, or lack of will to do so, is a clear discrimination, on their part, against the wider English community she wishes her husband to join.

Let us not forget, that the modern Queen's English is approximately over 60% Anglo-Saxon, and if people want to become part of the English community, surely learning to read, write, speak and understand English must be the top priority.

Frigedaeg, 29th (AEfterra) Litha 2011.

Have set up an e-petition on Governments e-petition website. Devolved English Parliament. They'll let me know in a week if it's OK. Will need 100,000 signatures, 12 months to do it in. So to anyone who is reading this news, wait till I say then spread the word.

Frigedaeg, 5th Weodmonath 2011.

Successfully set up an e-petition for a Devolved English Parliament. We need 100,000 votes in 12 months (very much earlier if possible), to get the British Government to debate it properly. Or so the Government says!! Come on and vote, England needs you. The place to vote is:

Thunresdaeg, 25th Weodmonath 2011.

Have set up an e-petition for English Independence on the governments e-petition website. Will find out if it has been accepted in a few days.

Frigedaeg, 14th Winterfylleth 2011.

Have added a new section, Anglo-Saxon Runes. This is the first English alphabet that was in use in the last few centuries before the Norman invasion of 1066.

Sunandaeg, 19th AErra Geola 2011.

Created new badge for proposed organisation the Centre for Anglo-Saxon Study and Revival including Rune letters CASSR.

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