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 Community Development.

There are many who would say that here in England, we have lost a sense of community. That may be true, especially in towns and cities. Not so much in villages perhaps. This is nothing new, all around the world where large towns and cities have sprung up, a sense of community in it's purest form is lost. However, people need something to draw them together.

By bringing about an Anglo-Saxon revival, we might, if it is done right, also help to revive a sense of community in the English people as well. A tall story you might think, yet we are told that, "from little acorns, do great oak trees grow!" We already have the basis from which to start a revival of Anglo-Saxon life today, all we need are people.

How can we start? Where do we begin?

The Centre for Anglo-Saxon Study and Revival (CASSR).

I propose that there should be a Centre for Anglo Saxon Study and Revival, somewhere near the center of England, Nottingham or Birmingham. This shall be the hub of a network of centre's around England, one for each county. Each centre should comprise the following:


These shall be for the centre staff, dependent on their function.


To house any new finds, locally. Museum status to be obtained. 

Archaeology Unit.

Group of volunteers (obtained as necessary), headed by qualified permanent staff where possible. Primary objective is to actively seek archaeological sights in and around the county that each CASSR branch is in. Primarily to search for Anglo-Saxon artifacts and associated data in each county. Any other finds handed to the local museum or the British Museum.

Artifacts Recovery unit.

(National Office only.)

This unit shall be responsible for scouring collections nationally and internationally, both public and private with a view to repatriating any Anglo-Saxon artifacts to their county of origin in England.


non-profit source of funding for each branch. Sells everything or anything associated with Anglo-Saxons and modern Anglo-Saxon revival. Genuine replicas, books, learning aides, etc.

Revival Unit.

Provides everything necessary to help people to become MASE (Modern Anglo-Saxon English), on site education facilities, providing information to people who wish to revive Anglo-Saxon for the modern age.

Security Unit.

Provides security for each branch.

I have created a badge for the CASSR shown below.

This is only a rough idea, and it will take some time before the network is set up, but tell me what you think.

People Who want to become Modern Anglo-Saxon English.

This would be a less formal get together, but I will try to explain what I think is possible.

If there's a bunch of you that want to get together, there's all sorts of places to go. Your local pub or regular eating place, or even meet at each others houses if there's not to many of you. You can hire rooms over pubs, or book your local village hall for an evening. But what would you do at such places. You can help each other learn Anglo-Saxon English, listen to others reading the famous Anglo-Saxon stories and poems, helping to revive the art of story telling. Meet to help each other in times of trouble. Work out any fun runs or other charitable activities. but more importantly, treat these get-togethers as mostly happy occasions. They should have some organization to them, but they should also be a way of bringing like minded people together. 

As different groups come together, try to link the groups together through the internet nationally.

What activities in the larger community can be done?

Well, at the beginning of summer, Eostremonath (April), and at the beginning of winter, Winterfylleth (October), organize an Anglo-Saxon themed fairs to celebrate each season, make sure that these are fairs that anyone can come to in safety and peace, and ensure that everyone has fun. Get yourselves trained in first aid so that if anything happens you can be ready to help. The activities are endless really, anything that would normally be done by anyone else.

How should we conduct ourselves generally.

I gave you an indication on how we should conduct ourselves in the web page "Modern Anglo-Saxon Living", but to reiterate;

We should conduct ourselves in a friendly, open manner. Always conduct ourselves with dignity but not haughtily. We should never think we are better than others. We should never resort to violence except as an absolute last option in self-defence or the defence of others. We should always accept people who are genuinely interested in our cause, regardless of ethnic origin. This last point might surprise some. But we must never forget that the creation of the first English was through emigration.

We must always be ready to defend our queen and country.

Oh, last of all, don't worry, be happy.

In addition, I think the following should also apply:

We must never interfere with or break the law.

If any fellow MASE is in trouble, the rest of us in that community or nationally, get together to help them, if possible.

If the wider community is in trouble we muck in and help.

Organize some of us into volunteer rescue units and get properly trained as such.

Look out for the elderly, especially during winter time.

Help organize fun events for everyone to enjoy.

In short, do the decent and fun things we English are known for.

Let me know what you think.


The Badge of the Centre for Anglo-Saxon Study and Revival.


(C) Mark Higginson 2011.


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