Anglo-Saxons Today


This web page is about jewellery, clocks and watches, etc. However, much of what I have said in the ornaments web page applies to this section as well. In many Anglo-Saxon finds at archeological digs, items of jewellery and other metal objects have come to light that show just how artistic and intricate the Anglo-Saxons can be. The more recent Staffordshire Hoard is the best example of this. I am again drawn back to what I said about modern times. If Anglo-Saxon life is to be revived in the modern times, jewellery, clocks, watches, broaches, hair pins, and belt buckles, all of these and more should be produced in the Anglo-Saxon style, and not just copies. To illustrate this, look at the three rings from the Argos (Autumn-Winter 2010) Catalogue:

 This ring is described as celtic, but is very much of an Anglo-Saxon style in sterling silver.

 This sterling silver ring has the image of a dragon on it. Again very much Anglo-Saxon.

 This eagle ring in sterling silver, with onyx, and cubic zirconia stones very much Anglo-Saxon imagery.

 Do you notice something similar between this eagle and the one on the left? This eagle is from an Anglo-Saxon shield.

Without knowing it, or perhaps they did, someone has been producing Anglo-Saxon style jewellery. MORE PLEASE!! There are Anglo-Saxon or English specific websites that produce jewellery with the white dragon motif, which is fine, but we should have more variety than that. So come on you independent jewellery makers, or mainstream ones, let's get your noodles working on new innovative Anglo-Saxon style jewellery, not just antique pewter but also in the traditional bronze, silver and gold. Send me your business web addresses so that others might find you.

 Clocks and watches.

 In the Timekeeping web page I talked about the Anglo-Saxon day and how it was divided into eight (8) parts, and wether we could get modern time pieces to help us tell the Anglo-Saxon time as we do modern time. Well the ladies watch on the right is a prime example of what I mean. This bracelet watch obtainable from Argos again, has only bars at the quarter hour stages rather than numbers. So this watch can be used for telling both modern time as well as Anglo-Saxon time without having to change anything. So if your looking for time pieces to help you learn to tell Anglo-Saxon time, then this or any other clock or watch with this kind of face can be used. Not just in Argos, look in any jewellers these days and you should find some, wall clocks to.

 It seems like we haven't left our Anglo-Saxon roots as far behind us as we thought. At this point I want to distinguish our Anglo-Saxons ancestors with our modern Anglo-Saxon revival. I will refer to the Anglo-Saxons of the past as Early-Anglo-Saxon-English (EASE) and to those of us who want to have a modern Anglo-Saxon life, we shall be the Modern-Anglo-Saxon-English (MASE). With this in mind, the websites below shall be divided into two parts as shown:

(EASE) Early-Anglo-Saxon-English websites producing jewellery from that period.

(MASE) Modern-Anglo-Saxon-English website producing jewellery for modern Anglo-Saxons.

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