Anglo-Saxons Today

10th Century.

911 - 918 AD.

Mercia ruled by Aethelfaed  'The Lady of Mercians'. Sister of King Alfed, she was married to Aethedred of Mercia and, following his death, ran both Mercia and highly successful campaigns against the Vikings, reconquering much of the Danelaw.

918 AD.

Death of Aethelfaed at Tamworth. Succeeded by her daughter, Aelfwynn (unlike other Germanic peoples the Mercians seemed happy to accept female rule). In the face of a difficult military situation Aelfwynn was deposed by her uncle, Edward the Elder, and the Kingdoms of Mercia and Wessex united to form England.

924 AD.

Edward dies, succeeded in Mercia by his son Athelstan. By 935, Athelstan's coinage bears the title, "King of all Britain".

939 AD.

Athelstan dies, succeeded by his brother Edmund. Olaf Guthfrithsson invades from Ireland and takes York.

944 AD.

Edmund takes York.

946-947 AD.

Edmund murdered, succeeded by Eadred. Archbishop Wulfstan of York and Northumbrian Council, after first accepting Eadred, invite Eric "Bloodaxe", deposed king of Norway to become King of York.

948 AD.

Eadred ravages Northumbria, burns Ripon Minster, and forces Northumbrians to exile Eric.

952 AD.

Eric is restored as King of York.

954 AD.

Eric is killed at Stainmore, Yorkshire. Eadred now King of all England.

955 AD.

Eadred dies, succeeded by nephew Eadwig.

957 AD.

Mercia and Northumbria rebel and choose Eadwig's brother Edgar as King.

959 AD.

Eadwig dies, succeeded by son Edgar as King of England.

975 AD.

Edgar dies, succeeded by son Edward.

978 AD.

Edward murdered at Corfe Castle (later canonised). Succeeded by half-brother Ethelred "the Unready".

991 AD.

Treaty between Ethelred and Duke Richard I of Normandy to end hostility; each agrees not to assist others' enemies. English pay first Danegeld (£10,000). Ethelred agrees to treaty with Danes' leader Olaf.

994 AD.

Olaf and Swein "Forkbeard" unsuccessfully besiege London, then ravage south east. Danegeld (£16,000) is paid by the English. Olaf, baptized and confirmed with Ethelred as sponsor, swears not to return to England. But Danes continue to raid.

9th Century.

11th Century.



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