Anglo-Saxons Today

11th Century.

1009 AD.

New English fleet built, but 100 ships lost through treachery. Danish fleet occupies Sandwich, and army attacks London and burns Oxford.

1013 AD.

King Swein of Denmark, with son Cnut, sail up river's Humber and Trent to Gainsborough, Lincs., and is accepted as King in Danelaw. Danes conquer Mercia and Wessex; by Christmas, all England submits to Swein, Ehelred flees to Normandy.

1014 AD.

Swein dies. Danish army chooses Cnut to succeed; English invite Ethelred to return. Cnut withdraws to Denmark.

1015 AD.

Cnut invades England.

1035 AD.

Cnut dies. English crown is disputed between Harthacnut, supported by Earl Godwin of Wessex, and Harold "Harefoot", Cnut's son by first wife Aelfgifu.

1036 AD.

Harold, proclaimed regent by the council of Oxford, seizes the royal treasury from Emma at Winchester. She sends for her sons by Ethelred - Alfred and Edward. Alfred is murdered by Godwin as he lands at Dover on orders from Harold. Edward returns to Normandy.

1037 AD.

Harold I proclaimed King of England. Emma exiled to Bruges; later joined by Harthacnut.

1040 AD.

Harold I dies, Harthacnut makes peace with Godwin and becomes King of England.

1043 AD.

Edward "the Confessor" is crowned at Winchester. Makes Earls of Swein and Harold, sons of Earl Godwin of Wessex.

1045 AD.

Edward marries Edith, Godwin's daughter.

1048 AD.

Last Danish raid on south-east England.

1051 AD.

Godwin raises rebellion against Edward. Godwin family exiled.

1051-1052 AD.

Duke William of Normandy allegedly visit's Edward and is made his heir.

1052 AD.

Godwin and his sons sail up Thames to London with large fleet and force Edward to reinstate them.

1053 AD.

Godwin dies, succeeded by son Harold.

1046 AD.

Earl Harold joins Duke William. He allegedly does homage to William and vows to assist him to the English crown.

1066 AD.

Edward dies. Harold II is chosen King. Harold of Norway and Tostig, the English King's Brother attack Yorkshire. 

(25th September) Battle of Stamford Bridge: Harold II defeats Norwegians; Harold of Norway and Tostig are killed.

(28th September) William of Normandy lands at Pevensey, Sussex. Harold II marches south.

(14th October) At the Battle of Hastings, William is victorious. Harold II is killed.

(25th December) William I crowned King of England.

10th Century.



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