Anglo-Saxons Today

5th Century.

410 AD.

Romans leave Britannia.

429 AD.

St. Germanus of Auxerre, sent to Britannia by the Pope. Helps troops to route PICTS and Saxons, teaching them to shout "Alleluia".

430 AD.

Vortigern settles Saxons on coast near the Wash and Humber estuary, to defend country against Pictish raids. Roman coinage no longer used.

450 AD.

By this time extensive settlement by Angles, Saxons and Jutes, collectively to be eventually known as the English. Vortigern's Saxons revolt and join invaders.

470-500 AD.

Monasticism arrives in Britannia.

490 AD.

First phase of pagan settlement completed. Angles in East Anglia, along the east coast to the Humber estuary, inland to York; Saxons in Sussex, Essex, Hertfordshire; Jutes in Kent, south Hampshire, Isle of White.

6th Century.



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