Anglo-Saxons Today

6th Century.

500 AD.

Britannia divided into Briton/Celtic (mainly Christian) north and west, and pagan Anglo-Saxon east.

527 AD.

Further Saxon invaders found kingdom of Essex.

546-550 AD.

The Priest Gildas, surnamed "Sapiens", or The Wise, writes "De Excidio Britanniae" (On The Ruin of Britain), the main written source for post Roman-British history, but without dates.

563 AD.

St. Columbas, an Irish bishop, arrives in Iona and founds monastery that becomes chief centre of the celtic church in Britannia.

571 AD.

East Anglia becomes a kingdom.

597 AD.

Pope Gregory I sends missions to Britannia under St. Augustine, who is later made a saint.

5th Century.

7th Century.


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