Anglo-Saxons Today

7th Century.

616 AD.

Battle on the River Idle, Yorkshire: Edwin supported by Raedwald of East Anglia, defeats Aethelfrith and becomes King of Northumbria.

621-630 AD.

Ship burial at Sutton Hoo, Suffolk. Tomb thought to be that of King Raedwald of East Anglia.

627 AD.

St. Paulinus' mission to Northumbria.

632 AD.

Battle of Hatfield: Edwin defeated and killed by Cadwallon of Gwynedd and Penda of Mercia.

633 AD.

Battle of Rowley Burn (Hexham): Cadwallon defeated and killed by Oswald who becomes King of Northumbria.

641 AD.

Battle of 'Maserfelth' (Oswestry?): Oswald defeated and killed by Penda.

655 AD.

Battle of 'Winwaed' (Leeds area ?):Oswieu of Northumbria defeats and kills Penda of Mercia.

657 AD.

Wulfhere's revolt puts an end to the Northumbrian control of Mercia, of which he becomes King.

664 AD.

Synod of Whitby settles dispute over date of Easter between Celtic and Roman traditions. Rome wins.

669 AD.

St. Chad, Bishop of Mercia, establishes the Cathedral at Lichfield (probably already a sacred site).

674 AD.

Foundation of monastery at Monkwearmouth/Jarrow, Northumbria. Books brought from France and Rome begin great library there. Wulfhere invades Northumbria and is defeated by Ecgfrith (Oswiu's son).

678 AD.

First possible date for "Beowulf", earliest surviving Anglo-Saxon epic poem.

679 AD.

Battle of the Trent: Aethelred of Mercia defeats Ecgfrith, removing the threat from the north.

685 AD.

Battle of Nechtanesmere (Forfar): Ecgfrith defeated and killed by the Picts.

698 AD.

Lindesfarne Gospels begin.

6th Century.

8th Century.


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